Hypnotherapy for possitive  Changes.

Coaching for Fantastic Life.

Meet Gena Frangina

Gena is a Professional Certified Hypnotherapist that helps people overcome stress, burnout and addictions, and rediscover joy and happiness!

Gena was trained by world top hypnotherapist Paul McKenna, his team and Mindvalley.
She is Accredited by the International Alliance of Professional Complementary Practitioners (IAPCP)


Gena says:

My deepest belief is that everyone deserve joy and happiness!

I have to admit that I have not always been happy myself and few times I have experienced work-related burnt out and lost joy, so I know how it feels. It really sucks!

I was passionate about making people happy since being little, by making them smile and laugh.

Now I have abundance of knowledge and techniques as Hypnotherapist, Business Psychology MSc and HoloBody Coach, so I can employ them to continue making people happy and stress-free!

You don’t need to suffer from stress, burnout, feeling miserable and eating your feelings!

You, my friend deserve to be happy!

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